Nanotechnology Opportunities for Freshman Engineers in Advanced Research (NO FEAR)

We are committed to engage the freshman students through our "NO FEAR" approach along with an excellent, creative team of senior group members in nanotechnology research interfacing bioengineering, Materials, Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering & Science. We want you to be creative advanced thinkers (CATS) through the passions of science and engineering. Focused areas are

  1. Unconventional and bioinspired approach for nanofabrication
  2. Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology
  3. Novel biomaterials
  4. Novel materials for energy
  5. Bio-Image Processing through computational and experimental techniques
  6. Flexible and Bioelectronics
  7. Polymer structure-property-performance relationships
  8. Piezoelectric nanomaterials
  9. Graphene, CNTs, DNA, proteins and their hybrid nanostructures
  10. Tissue engineering,Drug delivery and computational cellular mechanics
  11. Bioinformatics and personalized medicines
  12. Bacteria, virus and their engineering implications
  13. Smart-inks for micro and nano arrays in bio-microfluidics applications
  14. Coded-gel and gel based biomedical applications.