Simulations and experimental study of thermally stable and fire retardant nanocomposites

My research interest on fire retardant nanocomposite fiber focuses on obtaining a molecular understanding of thermal stability and degradation of polymeric composites in the form of film, fiber and sheets embedded with nano-scale hard particles that ranges from CNT, graphite, metal oxides and polymeric nanoparticles. Heat transmittance through polymer (e.g. nylon6, polypropylene, polyester etc) rich composites under exposed flame or high temperature is complex due to the various modes of heat transfer. My research addresses issues related to the mechanisms of heat/flame propagation through polymer-filler assemblies via overall structural investigation and interfacial interaction between nanoparticle and polymer phases. Hence, we are in the process of establishing the link between microstructural parameters and fire resistance behaviors by experimental flammability studies of nanocomposites and developing heat penetration model that takes into account various modes of heat supply and their influence on final geometry of the nanocomposites. Physical and physicochemical modes of fire retardation will be the focus of our ongoing effort.