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Nano materials such as carbon nanotubes, nanowires, quantum dots, nanoplatelets and other non-carbon based layered and metal oxide nanoparticles possess either superior electrical, optical, surface and mechanical properties due to their unique structure. These have made nanostructured materials a subject of immense scientific and technological interest. Recent times have seen a significant amount of research focused on the understanding of various physical properties associated with nanoscale materials either by themselves or in conjunction with polymers. Nevertheless, for nanotechnology advances to impact human life, designing these materials and hybrid materials with desired properties and integrating these properties in future technology development is needed. Thus, it is necessary to have complete control over their structure, properties, and arrangement through growth and modification processes. Keeping this as the central theme my research will be directed toward the following major areas.

Lab location: Dana Science Hall, Room 111 & 112

A brief introduction to the Nanomaterials & Nanobiomaterials Engineering Laboratory