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D-BEST Research


The D-BEST Research lab focuses on digital/embedded systems designs, wireless and computer networks with applications to bio-inspired research areas.

D-BEST lab members explore research findings on the following:

* Respiratory signal analysis to monitor breathing movements and assist in breath regulation

* Sleep disorders and apnea detection using ECG, EEG, SPO2 and breathing sound signals

* EEG signal processing and classification embedded system design for early detection of sleep phases, stress/fatigue/seizure/brain disorders

* SKINcure: Image processing and classification to assist in prevention and detection of melanoma skin cancer

* Super Assistive Technology Using Eye-tracking and Head-Movement tracking algorithms for human-machine-interface of the disabled

* Security in wireless infrastructure networks, steganography for security with hardware implementations

* Modeling of neuronal bursting pattern responses of brain activities

* Image-based blood vessel analysis of the retina for Intra ocular pressure of the eye

* Modular-based Fortified End-To-End Location Privacy and Anonymity in Wireless Sensor Networks

* ECG Signal Analysis in Hardware

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