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Objective:  Seeking challenging Full Time job in the field of Computer Engineering/Telecommunication.

Computer Skills:

  • Languages:  C/C++, HTML, VHDL (Altera), BASIC.
  • Software Packages:   Visual C++, Pspice, Mentographics, Photoshop 5.0, AutoCAD, MatLab,Lotus 1-2-3
  • Operating System:  WIN98/NT/UNIX/Macitosh
  • Database:  MS Access, Dbase III Plus

Work Experience:

   Primary Support for ATM / CellBus Products. (ATM Switches). Responsible for Customer Satisfaction, helping the customer in their design and solve their problems; generating Application Notes, updating Data Sheet and training Field Application Engineers. Also, responsible for certification of Evaluation Boards and Software GUI.
   Responsible for supervising the projects assigned and documentation. Also, responsible for maintaining the company's web site.

   Responsible for maintaining healthy environment in a dorm of capacity 365.

   Redesigned the entire Interface of the company's Web Site. Worked closely with the Senior Designers. Extensive usage of CGI/PERL, VBScript and Photoshop5.0. Also conducted documentation on redesigned site and evaluated the company's information databases.

   Responsible for troubleshooting technical problems and assisting students.

  • Summer 97: Computer instructor, Gyan Mandir English School, Nepal.
   Instructed Grade 9 and 10 students about BASIC, Lotus1-2-3, DBASE, WordPerfect

  • Spring 97: Computer Assistant, Computerized Communications Pvt. Ltd., Nepal.
   Troubleshooted technical problems. Provided hardware/software technical support to the company's client.


  • University of Bridgeport, BS in Computer Engineering, 2001


  • Extensive research project on ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) for Local Area Network class.
  • Design of Online Payroll System for University of Bridgeport using CGI and Microsoft Access. (Fall 2000, Software Engineering).
  • Design of a slot machine using VHDL code and implement it by downloading and stimulating FPGA chip.(May 1999)
  • Design of a Local Area Network (LAN) of two computers using AutoCAD R13.(May 1998)
  • A group project to design a simple weighing machine (Engineering Design) and a project for a simple, efficient and inexpensive mailbox for domestic purposes. (December 1998)

Relevant Courses:

  • Operating System, Fiber Optics, Local Area Network, Network Security, Modern Communication, Software Engineering, FPGA, Electronics, C++ Programming, Data structures and Algorithms, Probability and Statistics, VHSIC Hardware Development Language, Discrete Structures, Network Analysis, Computer Architecture, Microprocessor Assembly Language.


  • Academic Excellence Scholarship (Full tuition till graduation at University of Bridgeport).
  • Dean's list, University of Bridgeport through out the semesters.
  • Nominated for the Rookee award of the year 1997, University of Bridgeport for outstanding freshman of the year.
  • Merit Scholarship at Tribhuwan University, Nepal (before coming to University of Bridgeport.)
  • Certificate of Excellence in the field of Computer Science and Technology awarded by the Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal.


  • Available upon request.

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