CS102 Data Structure with C++

CS400 Advanced Programming in C++

CS400 Course Description

This course is an advanced course in Structural Programming using C and Object- Oriented Programming using C++. Topics covered in this course are: Classes, Operator Overloading, Templates, Exception Handling, Data Abstraction, Control Abstraction, Class Hierarchies and Polymorphism, Design Patterns of Classes, The C++ Standard Library, and C Programming under UNIX Environment.

CS102 Course Description

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Abstract Data Types and Classes, Analysis of Algorithms, Binary Search, Sequential Lists, Stacks, Queues, Generic Data Types, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Linked Lists, Trees and Graphs.

Handout for CS400 & CS102

  • Handout for CS400

  • Q & A for CS400

  • Handout for CS102

  • Q & A for CS400

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