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Eunji's First Ski at Mt Southington Ski resort, Connecticut (January 8th, 2008) : To download a video, right-click then save as Download

Eunji's Suzuki Violin Recital (November 18th, 2007): Download

Eunji's Suzuki Violin Recital (October 14th, 2007) : Download

Eunji's Spring Concert at Hamden Middle School (June 9th, 2007) : Download

Eunji's Talent Show'07 at St. Catherine of Siena School (June 1st 2007) Click Here

Eunji's Thanksgiving play movie and pictures are uploaded. (Nov 22nd 2005)

Eunji and Eunsuk's pictures at Botanic Garden Click Here

September 2005

Eunji and Eunsuk (Download here : right click then save as...)

Eunji's Field Trip to Zoo on September 20th 2005 Click Here

Eunji's Field Trip to Green Meadow on October 6th 2005 Click Here

Eunji's pictures on August 2005

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Eunsuk's pictures on August 2005

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Eunji's pictures on September 2005

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Eunsuk's pictures on September 2005

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