Amrit, Deepak, Robin, Surex, Budhhi (Left to Right)
  It was the month of April in the year 1993 when another wave had come with its own specialty and identification in the mainstream      commercial music world of Nepal…and the band was "NEPATHYA" formed in Pokhara. After seeing so many Nepalese bands with English names, it was a refreshing surprise to see a Nepali band with a Nepali name. And as we listened to the songs, we found the      band had a lot of significance and talents in itself with the lyrics very thought provoking and the music embedded with our traditional, cultural tunes. And this was not all. The band had its own unique feature. They composed songs with music relating to the folk music   of the westerns part of Nepal. The band members had modernized their cultural melodies and integrated it with western rhythm, which  proved that pop music could be created from folk music. Because of this unique quality they’ve been nicknamed as the
"village pop singers."


While journeying on the long road of books and education, these pokhara-based guys first started jamming up together. With the idea of Bhim Poon they all agreed on forming a band. As for the vocalist one fateful day Robin came with one of the band members to their practice room and they got him to sing some songs. Consequently they all were very impressed by his voice and the rest is history.

    Bhim Poon - Founder of the Band
Robin Shrestha - Vocals
Amrit Gurung - Vocals,  guitars & composer
Budhhi Gurung - Keyboards
Surex Pun - Drums
Deepak Jung Rana – Lead Guitar

Their debut album "nepathya" did very well and received a very good response from the market and the fans as well. Their video "barshat ko mausam" was shot in the breathtaking scenes of pokhara. Their popular number "anganai bhari" was later discontinued by NTV (Nepal television) by saying that the video was damaged, and in compensation of the damaged video NTV has promised them to make another video but they do not know when.

After two years (1995) the band released their second album "Himal Chuchure" which turned out to be a grand success leading them to the heights of popularity. In fact it was the best selling album ever in the pop history of Nepal. With their mega hit single "Chekhyo Chekyo" based on a folk beat, Nepathya is now a very well known band in Nepal . It was mainly due to video on Chekhyo Chekhyo that changed their whole history. Other popular numbers from this album are "himal chuchure" , "nakkali kanchi" and " euta chithi". The band is not only known for giving popular songs but also in coming up with good videos. But by late 1995 the line up had already changed as lead guitarist Deepak Rana left to pursue his flying career as a helicopter pilot. A little later Drummer Surex also left the band due to his personal problems while Budhhi too left for Singapore for his higher studies. The band remained only with Robin and Amrit But then Bhim had returned to Nepal and he rejoined the band as a drummer. Ratna man added to this line up as the rhythm guitarist and Ashim Sherchan took up the lead. With this line up the band members geared up practicing and later in 1996 the band finally gave the long awaited live concert starting from their hometown pokhara and ending in the capital city Catmando, which turned out a huge mass of people. The tickets were all sold out and on the request of the fans they had to perform twice in Catmando alone. With the help of another group "Namaste band" they even made a tour to Hong Kong which was again very successful. They also have plans to perform in England in the near future.

The band just released their 3rd album "min pachasma" which doesn't feature Robin Shrestha who was originally the lead vocalist of the band, as he too quit to pursue another professional career. The only member from the original line up is Amrit who has done the vocals in this album along with Gautam Gurung. Never the less songs such as "jomsom bazzar", "gandaki ko teraima", "chari maryo sisaiko golile" and "goreto gaun ko" are exceptional numbers in this album which are already very popular.

Amrit and Gautam Gurung - vocals
Ashim Sherchan - leads
Mahesh Poon - bass
Ratna Man - rhythm
Bhim Poon - drums (he's back in the band now)
Though the band members have totally changed neo-Nepathya still has given the same old taste of music they are known for. The songs from their first two albums still sound very refreshing even after 3-4 years. This could be contributed to their blend of folk and pop tunes. And the meaningful lyrics which expresses the feelings and wonders of national heritages such as "gaun, besi, angan, chautari " and corresponding these elements to love, life and heartache. They've used the traditional musical instruments such as madal, sarangi, flute that depicts their concern for their culture and country. So let us all sympathize with their hardships and sweat they had to confront and let us hope that they keep up with their good work. And the story goes on…


Amrit, Deepak, Robin, Surex, Buddhi
MIN PACHAS MA - Feb. 1997
SRINGAR - 1999
** Created by Sushil Gurung**